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I guess we are going from clarification to exaggeration by using hyperbole as a headline tool. I refer to my letter of July 31 with the headline "When God Demands Intolerance, We Listen." It works; it calls attention. But I would like to respond to the August 14 letter from Antonio Vazquez, a reader from Coral Gables.

Mr. Vazquez, regarding your question "Which God?" let me suggest you take a Bible, find a quiet spot, and do some reading about the subject. I know you will find it enlightening.

As to your comments on various institutions, let me just say that in today's "feel good society," in which you are encouraged to do and believe whatever makes you feel good, without responsibility or accountability for your actions, you will always find helpful groups that can provide you with the necessary crutches and excuses to explain and rationalize away every single action.

Homosexuality a sin against humanity? Yes sir, and two wrongs do not make a right, which is your proposition. I want to thank you, though, for your confirmation that homosexuality is irresponsible behavior.

Christians and everyone else in this country have a right and an obligation to fight for their beliefs. That is a benefit provided for and protected by the United States Constitution, which I also recommend as valuable and instructional reading. Christians have never claimed to or wanted to impose their beliefs on anyone, but we also will not stand idle and allow someone to impose their beliefs on us -- especially by governmental decree or order.

Thank you again for declaring the lesbian bar "a private club," which by definition is "intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person, group, or class." That definition goes to the heart of an ordinance that would claim special rights for a particular person, group, or class -- i.e., homosexuals.

This country was not founded on the divisive principle of special rights for special groups, but rather on that very clear and special principle of "one nation under God."

The Dade County Commission has acted within its lawful rights to protect the values of the majority in our county without falling prey to the demands and demagoguery of special-interest groups.

Ricardo Ferreira

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