Magda B. Theodate

Bruce Kaplan: The Horror, the Horror
I was absolutely horrified by Jim DeFede's mean-spirited article about the proposed gay-rights ordinance and Commissioner Bruce Kaplan ("Sitting Petty," July 3), who really did something good for people. Mr. DeFede turned it around and made it something nasty. It makes me feel that I don't want to pick up New Times next week.

Laura Clibansky
Sunny Isles Beach

Consistency to the Point of Persecution
Thank you for publishing my letter about Mr. DeFede's article "Sitting Petty." To clarify your headline above my letter ("When God Demands Intolerance, We Listen"), God does not demand intolerance, he just demands consistency. And above all he demands abidance by his rules and commandments.

Thank you once again.
Ricardo Ferreira

Ricardo's Wrath Strikes Again
I read Ricardo Ferreira's letter of July 31 with interest. I found his response to Jim DeFede's article somewhat inaccurate, however. First of all, he calls homosexuality a sin against God. Just which God is he talking about? The Christian God? For his information, there are several religious bodies in America and throughout the world that do not support this notion, among them Reformed Judaism, the United Church of Christ, the Society of Friends (Quakers), and the Unitarian Universalist Church, as well as growing factions of mainstream churches such as Methodist, Lutheran, and Presbyterian.

A sin against humanity? No more than heterosexuality is a sin. Just ask millions of poor and disenfranchised children in our country and throughout the world brought into misery by irresponsible, unplanned parenthood.

Christians, of course, have a right to fight for their beliefs. But this does not entitle them to impose those beliefs on others, much less to promote hatred and prejudice in the name of God.

As far as Mr. Ferreira's comment about the lesbian bar advertisement in New Times barring "straights and swingers," it is no more discriminatory than other dinosaurs that cater to a selected clientele. Remember the Rotary Club? Such private clubs may or may not follow governmental rules regarding inclusion, but governmental bodies such as the Dade County Commission should.

Antonio Vazquez
Coral Gables

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