On the Road Again

On the other hand, if you're more intrigued by comedian Steve Martin's play about an imaginary meeting between Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso (Picasso at the Lapin Agile, scheduled for the Parker Playhouse and Royal Poinciana Playhouse in February and March), then set your server to www.webcom.com/ shownet/ tots/ picasso.html. Once there, you can read articles about the wild-and-crazy playwright or link to a 1940 FBI interview with Einstein regarding anti-bomb nuclear physicist Leo Szilard. You can even visit a cyber museum of Picasso's masterpieces.

The well-named Rent Website (www.siteforrent.com) offers two options. A self-proclaimed "low rent" area for people with antiquated computers like mine features cast biographies and reviews, while a state-of-the-art site boasts taped performances and downloadable songs. If virtual reality isn't enough, you can apply for an internship on Tap Dogs at www.tapdogs.com.

The above-named sites, as well as home pages for most of the other entries in the Broadway Series slate, can be accessed through www.theatre-central.com. Run by Playbill, this site offers links to most regional, Broadway, and London companies and includes current production listings and ways to order tickets. With just one click of your mouse you can shop for coffee mugs, order that elusive script, download snippets of the newest cast recordings, check Broadway's weekly grosses, take a theater quiz, or look for an acting or theater management job. All the global village is a stage, and now it's coming to a theater or computer near you.

For information about the MasterCard Broadway Series, call 800-939-8587.

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