Reefer Science

Uncle Sam is looking for a few good potheads to cure, and treatment is yours for the toking

Two people currently staying at the Village because of marijuana use are there only because they tested positive for pot while on probation for other crimes. Both John (a pseudonym) and Rafael unequivocally categorize their previous pot use as an addiction, but neither thought he needed help, and both say they would have scoffed at the Marijuana Treatment Project.

"I wouldn't have wanted anything to do with that," says John. "I never felt like [I was addicted]. I didn't have a worry in the world. All I wanted was to get high and space out. I probably would have looked at it and just laughed."

"I would have gone, and I would have gone all fucked up," adds Rafael with a chuckle. "I would have gone high, just to sit there and listen to the bullshit they say. Because we didn't think we were addicts, we just wanted to smoke weed.

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