What has happened to Mr. Usategui is unprecedented. We hope justice will be served and he will be reinstated as a senior certified judge by the Paso Fino Horse Association. We consider him to be among the most impartial, knowledgeable, and capable judges of this breed. We believe your publication will make the association realize the injustice and harm it has done to the breed.

Bernie and Clara M. Santana

Ignore the Horse Manure About Angel
I am a member of the Paso Fino Horse Association and as such received a letter from John Macdonald soliciting support in this campaign against Angel Usategui. I felt this was wrong at the time, and my convictions are even stronger now. No one should be put in the position Mr. Usategui has been put in. No career should end on this note. Is this a just reward for many years of furthering this wonderful breed, watching and helping it grow and giving it your time, talent, and knowledge? I think not. Doesn't this bring to mind the teaching of old: "What does it profit a man to win the world if he loses his soul"?

June Mauk
Trussville, Alabama

The Sweet Micky Defense
This is in response to Elise Ackerman's story on Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly ("His Music Rules in Haiti," May 29). When I first started reading the article, I knew that only a white American could write such a thing.

Let me just say that Sweet Micky would not be so popular (with all different types of Haitians) if he was not singing about what people wanted to hear. He is right that there is so much stress in Haitian communities that people look to his music as a fun way to escape and be greatly entertained. It is all in good fun.

Sweet Micky shares the opinion of many Haitians, myself included, that the Jean-Bertrand Aristide and Rene Preval governments, although they were democratically elected, have not been best suited to govern Haiti. He has the right to support whichever political group he wishes, but he will always be remembered as a great entertainer who, through his music, united all Haitians. And who knows -- maybe a president who plays compas is exactly what the country needs at this point!

Winy Bernard
Petionville, Haiti

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