Hip Hip Beret!

Two-time losers in Miami, the Guardian Angels are back for another shot

T crosses Espanola Way, his black sweatpants swishing with each step. "This is where it was Friday night," he says as he stands beneath the marquee of the Cameo Theater. "All the kids that have nothing to do were doing it here." He looks beyond the theater -- closed on Tuesday -- to the rather empty sidewalks leading to Lincoln Road and decides to double back to Ocean Drive.

In New York and Chicago, the Angels tend to stay on the subways, protecting passengers on lonely late-night commutes. The suburban sprawl of South Florida, however, challenges Moscow's and T's ability to adapt their group to the environment. "If someone needs assistance on the road, if a car gets stuck, we could relay calls to 911," offers Moscow, relaying his idea for an auto patrol. "We're working on some vehicles right now. We're repainting them and getting some Angel logos."

The foursome tromps past the Versace memorial photo op without encountering serial killer Andrew Cunanan. (His body would be found a day later.) T hands a gray business card to a CNN reporter, then walks down the row of hotels and restaurants whose tables are just starting to fill up. "We're kind of winding it down," he says. It's not quite 9:00 p.m. "Moscow has to go to synagogue in Bal Harbour."

The Angels plan to patrol South Beach and Coconut Grove until they recruit more members, T explains. Then they can expand into Overtown, Hialeah, and other places where help is needed. Moscow, running off, promises to announce their official return to Miami "sometime in the next few weeks.

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