The Ronald Major Case

The report below, dated June 10, 1996, is known as a "Sexual Battery Screening Sheet." It was written by Assistant State Attorney Margaret Bisignani. Information at the top of the report refers to the defendant (Ronald Major, born October 16, 1940; race: black; sex: male) and the victim (name deleted by the State Attorney's Office, born August 6, 1977; race: black; sex: female). The text is reproduced here verbatim.

At the time of the incident, the victim was a seventeen-year-old female. She was also a senior at Miami Central High School. The defendant is a fifty-five-year-old male. The defendant was and is currently employed at the same school, as an Assistant Principal.

The victim's allegation was originally reported to the School Board Police on June 7, 1995. The case was assigned to Sergeant Crumity. The School Board Police closed their case in September 1995, as unsubstantiated because they were unable to locate the victim. On February 13, 1996, the case was assigned to Detective Jay Canedy of the Metro-Dade Police Department. It was assigned to Detective Canedy after a story, critical of the School Board Police, appeared on A Current Affair. The victim, her father and two witnesses were interviewed for the Current Affair expose.

The victim provided Detective Canedy with the following account:
On June 5, 1995, the defendant summoned the victim from her fifth period class. The defendant made this request in writing on the back of a pass given to the victim's fifth period teacher, Ms. Chappie. (It should be noted that Detective Canedy has not been able to locate Ms. Chappie. In addition, the note from the defendant has disappeared.)

The victim went to the defendant's office shortly after 1:00 p.m. The defendant's secretary, Ms. Brenda Black, was not at her desk, which is located right outside of the defendant's office. The victim knocked on the door to the defendant's office, as she entered another student exited. The defendant told her to shut the door and to have a seat. The defendant stood up. He asked her to hand him the pass so he could put the time on it. As she handed him the pass, he grabbed her hand and pulled her to a standing position. He got behind her and bent her over his desk. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis. The victim was trying to free herself and she was telling the defendant to stop. He pulled her panties to the side and attempted to insert his penis into her vagina. His penis made contact with her vagina, but did not penetrate it.

The defendant then digitally penetrated her vagina. At this point, the sixth period bell rang (1:25 p.m.) and the defendant let her go. The victim ran out of the office and went straight home, skipping her sixth period class.

The victim told Detective Canedy that she was afraid to report the incident because she was afraid she would not be able to graduate.

The next day the victim went to school. She ran into the defendant in the hallway. He said, "You did me wrong." The victim did not tell anyone on that day.

Two days after the incident, June 7, 1995, the victim fully disclosed to Mrs. Sigona, one of her teachers. She disclosed because she was depressed. Mrs. Sigona advised Assistant Principal Cook of the allegation. Assistant Principal Turner was also notified.

After disclosing to Mrs. Sigona, the victim was approached by one of her physical education teachers, Ms. Johnston. Ms. Johnston asked the victim if something was wrong, because she appeared upset. The victim fully disclosed to Ms. Johnston.

The same day, the victim was asked to respond to the principal's office. Mr. Turner, Mr. Cook and Mrs. Sigona were all present. The victim was asked to repeat the allegation. The victim told them what had happened, but she omitted the part about digital penetration. She told Detective Canedy that she was embarrassed to tell the whole story because there were two men in the room. Next, the victim wrote out a written statement for the principal, Mr. Bethel. Again, the victim omitted the part about digital penetration. She said she left it out because she was in a hurry to get out of the office. It should be noted, the victim disclosed the part about digital penetration to Mrs. Sigona and Ms. Johnston.

Mr. Bethel reported the matter to the School Board Police on June 7, 1995. The School Board Police forwarded the case to the School Board. On July 12, 1995, the School Board officially decided to conduct a personnel investigation.

In the meantime, Mr. Bethel made two attempts to contact the victim and her family to discuss the case. The principal set up a meeting with the victim and her father. They failed to appear. The principal approached the victim. He told her he needed to meet with her father to discuss the case. The victim said she wanted to drop the case and the principal told her that she could not drop it. Mr. Bethel set up a second meeting, which the victim and her father failed to appear.

The school board police were unable to locate the victim and her family because they did not have her correct address. The School Board Police attempted to notify the victim at the incorrect address. In September they closed their case because they were unable to locate the victim.

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