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The Everglades Coalition

Losner's Letter: The Thinking Man's Emetic
William "I Never Met a Developer I Didn't Like" Losner's ridiculous letter concerning the redevelopment of Homestead Air Force Base by HABDI (Hispanics Against Better Development Ideas) should make any thinking person puke. Mr. Losner always has something to say when it comes to logical environmental concerns (this time raised by Dade County Commissioner Katy Sorenson) that stall proposed development in Dade.

Mr. Losner is president of First National Bank of Homestead, so he is obviously more than willing to fork over big loans to big developers (and farmers) to plow under what meager vestiges of nature still remain in South Florida, and to hell with the local citizens. Now he has us believe that he knows what's best for Homestead Air Force Base and South Dade.

South Dade is doing fine, Mr. Losner, and the majority of people who live here don't give a crap about HABDI's, or your, ideas about the redevelopment of the air base. What we do give a crap about is the health and well-being of Biscayne National Park, Everglades National Park, and all the other natural resources that make South Florida a nice place to live. No, we do not have to compromise on environmental issues or growth or economic development, for you, HABDI, or anyone else.

Bill Bartram

Best French ... Harp?
We want to thank you for acknowledging our efforts to offer the highest-quality food products to our very chic clientele (Best Bakery, "Best of Miami").

We will spare nothing in continuing to improve and maintain good service and the greatest flaky croissants and tasty lunches (and also to gradually extend our service with evening hours).

Just think of an early dinner, a sip of wine, the sound of our French harp. What was that? A French moment at Ducs, of course.

Andree Rioux Doyle, president
Ducs de France
Coral Gables

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