Mystery Cruise

The Lone Ranger gets set for a round-the-world voyage with one of America's last great eccentrics at the helm

Lewis refused to provide any details about his expedition or to answer any further questions. Among those: Wouldn't Progressive stockholders be more than a little alarmed when they learn that the Lone Ranger has ridden into the sunset? After all, Lewis has been inextricably, almost mystically, linked to the company for more than 30 years. Is he retiring? If so, has he chosen a successor?

Lewis hung up the phone.
Jonathan Lewis, the restaurateur, didn't return phone calls to his home or office. But the morning after his father's truncated New Times interview, a new message appeared on the Terminal 12 chalkboard, an apparent warning to workers about nosy reporters: "Watch the Sharks!"

Another sign read simply, "Remaining Days: 22.

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