Suplex City

Once a pro wrestling hot spot, Miami is again warming to the wacky lure of the ring

It's possible a psychiatrist could explain what it is about some men that causes them to drift from job to job for ten or fifteen years, getting paid $50 to trudge up a linoleum-paved aisle looking really mean, yelling "Shaddup!" to heckling kids, and getting thrown out of a wrestling ring onto a table. And then being flailed with a chain.

"Most wrestlers are lifelong wrestlers living out a dream," opines Alex Marvez, who used to cover the wrestling beat for the Miami Herald and who now writes for the Dayton Daily News. "The best most of them will do is become TV losers, jobbers, in the lingo. You appear on TV to get the shit beat out of you for $50. I know two wrestlers. One was a schoolteacher in North Miami Beach. I met them ten years ago, and they're still trying to make it. It's true that there are a few guys who are 40 and just now becoming successful. You can do it, but you have to persevere. I tell guys, 'Don't give up your day job.'"

That's just what Punk Rock's manager screamed at him last month in Homestead after Rock, a British skinhead, had his butt whipped for the seventh time by the noble Paul Adonis. "Go back to London, you washed-up wannabe-something!" yelled the manager, Trillionaire Ted Vernon, a swarthy Mr. Clean look-alike dressed in a sequined vest and brandishing a nightstick. Rock, prone in the middle of the ring after a latex-gloved "doctor" was summoned to "examine" him, attempted to rouse himself but was battered back by furious blows from the Trillionaire's nightstick. Finally emcee Bill Brown had to ask the referee to help Rock out of the ring as the low-end sound system blared heavy metal and Paul Adonis shook hands with admiring fans and signed autographs.

Sunshine Wrestling Federation's next show is Friday, June 6, at Ray'z Place, 1102 N Flagler Ave, Homestead. Tickets cost $10 ($8 for ages 12 and under). Showtime is 7:30 p.m. Call 246-8018.

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