Of course, another surprise was finding Lino's name on the CD as co-producer. Poor Lino. It's hard to imagine what nightmares he'll have when he fully realizes what he's perpetrated on himself artistically as co-producer. In any case, my escapades with Khadir exaggerate the need for more serious artistic works such as This Is Spi¨nal Tap that give the casual observer insight into the lunacy of this and countless other "music business" scenarios.

Richard Serotta
North Miami

Best Alternative to Buying an Ad
Your man in Miami didn't bother to check out the other antique and collectible shops right here on West Dixie Highway in North Miami ("Best of Miami," May 15). There are so many shops better than the one you picked as Best Junk Store that we dealers were appalled. You must not know much about this field. There are many more shops filled with treasures and art on NE 123rd Street and all over West Dixie Highway. Your winner certainly wasn't chosen for excellence of merchandise, nor for its beauty or antiquity . You certainly didn't decide from a standpoint of aesthetics. Were you paid to make that choice? If this is a typical example, then I have doubts about every one of your choices. People are laughing at you.

With all due modesty, my shop has a more interesting array of goods to offer than the shop you selected.

Francis E. Cianflone
Opulent Era Gallery III, Ltd.
North Miami

Best Non Sequitur
What should have been included in the "Best of Miami" was Best Fakes in Dining Out. How many of your readers know that when they order veal, they all too often are actually served chicken breasts sliced thin, soaked in milk, and pounded to make them look like veal? The same is done to pork and no one is the wiser. This happens at some of your better restaurants.

Next year please have a Best Fakes category and see how many people can spot the faux in food.

Ronald C. Rickey
Miami Beach

Owing to a reporting error, an article by Ted B. Kissell about the June 3 referendum in Miami Beach ("The Hale-Bopp Amendment," May 29) incorrectly stated that a precedent-setting Brevard County zoning case was decided by the Third District Court of Appeal. In fact, the case was decided by the Florida Supreme Court. Also in the May 29 issue, a "Calendar" photograph incorrectly identified theater artist Teo Castellanos. New Times regrets the errors.

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