HABDI to Sorenson: Get Lost!

Herrera's letter attacking Sorenson was widely distributed as an attachment to the agenda for the commission's May 20 meeting, under a section titled "County Manager's Reports." When the meeting commenced, Commissioner Miguel Diaz de la Portilla, another HABDI critic, demanded that the manager withdraw the letter from the official agenda. Diaz de la Portilla said he found Herrera's tone offensive and that the letter violated the commission's rules of decorum. "It is not a report," he stated. "It is nothing more than an attack. It's a poison-pen letter."

Commissioner Natacha Millan rushed to Herrera's defense and said she did not find the letter insulting. Millan, who has been one of HABDI's greatest supporters on the commission, makes no secret of her long-time friendship with Herrera. Despite her rescue attempt, the letter was withdrawn.

After the meeting, Sorenson said she will continue to press for a legitimate response to her questions: "I guess I'll just have to keep asking to get the answers I think the South Dade community is entitled to. And I do intend to keep asking.

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