It is not a matter of being pro Cuba or pro politics; it is about being pro justice and pro human rights. There shouldn't be questions about what people they are or what country it is. People are suffering, and suffering is universal; part of being a human being is feeling empathy.

Mr. Anton and Mr. Cardona are showing an awareness of a problem they are uniquely attached to because of their genealogy. That doesn't make it less a problem for the rest of us. If we could all open our hearts and our minds, we could be one step ahead of all who make the world imperfect. Joe Cardona and Alex Anton have taken a step in that direction, and for that I applaud them.

Linda Grove

Hialeah Doesn't Want Your Trashy Riffraff
Carmen Rodriguez's letter about Kirk Semple's article "South Beach Goes Palm Beach" (April 3), in which she criticized Carnival Miami South Beach, prompted me to say this: Leave Hialeah out of it! How dare she say, "Let this trashy event take place in Hialeah." There are good, honest, hard-working people living in Hialeah, and yet she makes such a racist remark. She also referred to the people at the Carnival as "uneducated green-card seekers." Being Latin herself, she obviously doesn't remember that at one point in her life she or someone in her family was a "green-card seeker."

I suggest Ms. Rodriguez put all her anger into something more productive instead of hating humanity so much.

Perla Antonio

Deport Those Dwarfs!
I would like to ask Carmen Rodriguez to define "class" and "green-card seeking." This stereotyping by her only demonstrates ignorance and resentment, and shows that she herself has no class. She may find it hard to believe, but the only class of people Miami Beach merchants like are the ones with money. But it doesn't take a Carnival to make Miami Beach a zoo; there are plenty of unsavory characters who make their permanent homes there.

I have a suggestion for Ms. Rodriguez: Unless she is in the class of the rich and famous (if she were, she wouldn't be hanging out in Miami Beach during Carnival), she should try Disney World next time these festivities roll around. Perhaps the only fat belly there would be that of Mickey Mouse, and her eyes wouldn't be offended. She could also check out the legal status of the Seven Dwarfs.

Dan Molina

Buena Vista Good, Miami Inspectors Bad
Sue Cheaney's response to my letter about Buena Vista East (March 6) was eloquent and passionate, but I believe she misread it. I have nothing but praise and good wishes for those people trying to build up Buena Vista today. My gripe now and when we lived there was with the City of Miami -- its incompetent administrators, its unhelpful staffers, its nonexistent code enforcement, and its unresponsive police department.

Ms. Cheaney posed three questions, and I would like to respond. When we moved out of our house in 1983, we rented it to a family consisting of a Haitian father, an African-American wife/mother, and their children. They were good tenants and stayed a couple of years. After they left we rented it to another family consisting of a Caucasian-American mother, her daughter, and her daughter's children. We had to evict them about a year later because they stopped paying the rent. We then decided to make an active effort to sell the house, and therefore left it vacant until it was sold later that year -- 1987.

I did not go outside and tell the men burglarizing our neighbor's house to stop, because I was afraid they would shoot me. I did not take pictures, because I did not have a camera handy, and I was busy dialing and redialing 911. We did not have a cordless phone at the time and I had to keep moving away from the windows in order to place the calls. I must have called at least four or five times.

Until the City of Miami stops wallowing in incompetent administrators and staff, political hirings and giveaways, lax or "politically correct" code enforcement, and prejudice against lower-income mixed-race neighborhoods, progress in Buena Vista East and other such neighborhoods will remain difficult, despite the praiseworthy efforts of Ms. Cheaney and her neighbors.

Richard H. Rosichan
Miami Beach

And When She Was Growing Up, Tartz Was Spelled with an S
I am writing in reaction to an advertisement New Tims has carried for a store called Glitzy London Tartz. It is an all-too-cutesy name for a store in South Beach, which abounds in stores with cutesy names. Why anyone would want to deck themselves out like a tart, I don't know, but then this is the Nineties.

I am a perfectly liberal person who accepts that there are a lot of values and behaviors today that did not exist when I was growing up. I also accept that we are living in a volatile, violent era. It is furthermore not disputable that Miami does not lack for daily shootings. But I find it appalling that New Times would accept an advertisement that shows a supposedly sexy girl with a large handgun placed prominently in her groin area. What is this store selling? Guns? If not, then why is it in this advertisement? It is the most noticeable part of the picture besides the name of the store. The dress on the model can hardly be seen.

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