I would like to know how many Cuban Americans have died in this area because of the sympathy some of them may have for the musicians of the Castro government, musicians who come to the land of freedom looking for dollars to sustain a bloody and dictatorial oppressor of the Cuban people for more than 38 years. And who told Mr. Kurzban that the Molotov cocktail thrown at Centro Vasco was not the act of one of Castro's agents? The same could be asked about the multiple telephone calls and threats against Castro's half artists/half ambassadors.

Mr. Kurzban also wrote, "The radio stations you [letter-writer Emiliano Antunez] defend not only support and encourage that kind of attitude, but in one case they were actually cited by the City of Miami police for their involvement in incitement to riot." I am a listener of Spanish radio stations, as well as of those in English and even in Creole. About the Spanish-language stations I am able to clearly say they are doing just what an honorable Cuban or Cuban American must do: keep alive the torch of the struggle for the freedom of Cuba.

Yes, Mr. Kurzban, in case you do not realize, Cuba is only 90 miles south of Key West, a shorter distance from Miami than is the city of Orlando. It has been almost 39 years under a despotic dictatorship. You ask, in arguing against Mr. Antunez: "On what planet do you reside?" That's a good question you yourself must answer about the ignorance or double standard you show regarding the Cuban political and economic situation. The Cuban people in the Miami area, including myself, who arrived to this country in 1963 will not consider themselves living a regular and ordinary life until Cuba is free and independent. Yes, we are committed to the freedom of Cuba, and we plan to keep a firm stand on this issue. You must admire and respect this firm attitude instead of jumping so easily against Cubans.

Cubans respect and admire the fight of Jews for Israel and the fight that any other patriots have for their land. Cubans in this area have shown great restraint in dealing with the provocateurs of the Cuban government who arrive here for the purpose of getting dollars and of dividing the community -- with the help of some people like you.

To finish my comments, if the Spanish-speaking radio stations in Miami have been inciting riots, I tell you they have failed to get results, because since the beginning of the Cuban exile in South Florida, you cannot enumerate even one real instance of what all dictionaries define as a riot.

Do not worry, Mr. Kurzban. Disagree all you want. Go and enjoy the music of Los Van Van, or go and hug Mr. Castro. And come back and show up on TV. You will not have to die. There are some people who are doing just that, and they keep alive and well among these radical and "batty lunatic" Cubans, as you call us.

Adolfo Costa

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