Did he forget that as city manager he is supposed to be held accountable for the various departments and their administrators? What makes him think these administrators, who chose to ignore the situation of unclassified employees for so many years, are now going to effectively resolve the issue on their own? Are our city officials serious about resolving our current problems, or is the City of Miami doomed to be the victim of politicians and administrators who lack integrity and are only looking out for their own interests because they too are "friends of friends"?

I hope to see other articles regarding this issue. Please continue to keep your eye on Miami. We need all the help we can get.

Miriam Fernandez

Miami: It's Politics, Simple and Greasy
Congratulations to Robert Andrew Powell on another fine story. His work reminds me of what 60 Minutes used to be: credible (way before General Westmoreland sued them into "hard-hitting" reporting worthy of People magazine). Powell's efficiency and preparedness were evident in "The Stierheim Report" (October 31) and even more so now as specific cases of corruption are brought to our attention -- such as the good Mr. Ramon Conte and his "working relationship" with Cesar Odio and Miami's taxpayers.

Conte was only out for his own benefit, like Odio and many others in politics. It is a filthy business where down is up and wrong is right, so it's no surprise that our government wanted someone like Conte to live and work here. Odio, Conte, and others are not and never were "patriots" -- they're out to take, not give. All the good, honest Cubans and exiles have people like that to thank for the revolution years ago.

A successful revolution requires a healthy degree of popular support and an unhealthy level of corruption and injustice. If most people are respected and have fair opportunities in health, work, and quality of life, communism has no chance of raising a credible force or even popular acceptance.

This local issue of disreputable Cuban exiles thriving in this country reflects failed U.S. policies. Our enemy's enemy is our friend -- regardless of how corrupt, worthless, or evil he is. In fact, the more so the better. That's politics, simple and greasy. What does the Statue of Liberty say? "Keep your tired huddled masses -- we'll take the broken leaders, the greedy trash, the 'patriots' and nationalists. They'll thrive here."

By the way, why would our local government need to assist in the preservation and development of archives related to Cuban history in the first place? Is that vital? Maybe we need to diversify: archives for Montserrat, Ireland, Rwanda, Thailand, Holland. I'm from Maryland and I want to "preserve and develop" archives about Maryland here in Miami -- and I think Miami tax money should pay me for this!

Will Miami seize all documents and rights to such documents collected by Mr. Conte over the course of his ten-year paid relationship with Miami? Maybe it would be better to wait and seize all rights and royalties upon release of his book.

Divided loyalties? No. There was only one loyalty for Conte as with Odio -- to self. It's the American way, right?

Dave Dillon
Coral Gables

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