Put a Lid on It, Pal

Waste Management is fuming about an entrepreneur's efforts to cut garbage-hauling costs for small businesses

"While it is the policy of Waste Management not to comment on pending litigation matters, I feel a response to Mr. Davis's misstatements is required," Voigt wrote New Times. "Mr. Davis certainly is not an innovator in the garbage/recycling industry, but rather is attempting to portray himself as such to divert attention from his violation of his employment agreement with Waste Management."

Voigt continued: "Mr. Davis has flaunted his disregard for the terms of his noncompete/confidentiality agreement since the day he left Waste Management.... Davis was warned prior to the filing of the lawsuit not to contact Waste Management's customers, but persisted. He not only solicited those customers but encouraged them to breach existing contracts with Waste Management for his personal financial gain."

Davis denies using any of Waste Management's proprietary information to develop his own clients. "I've been in Miami 30 years," he says. "I'm very well connected. It's not hard to pick up a copy of the Florida Chamber of Commerce manual and start making phone calls. Look, garbage is not a rocket science business. If you're a hauler charging five dollars per cubic yard, you're gonna make 25 to 30 percent margin. Is that proprietary knowledge? Give me a break."

These days Davis says he's biding his time, looking forward to representing himself in court. His noncompete agreement with Waste Management expires in June. "I'm not done yet," he notes. "And I'm not leaving town.

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