David L. Laurence

Intestinal Fortitude Without the Verbosity
While it took that verbose gutless wonder "Name Withheld by Request" ("Letters," November 14) half of a page to let us know what a low-life piece of garbage the Miami Herald is, I am proud to put my name at the bottom of this letter and tell you in one compound sentence what I believe about that self-serving rag.

The Miami Herald has the journalistic integrity of the National Enquirer -- and it stinks like bad cheese!

Harvey Slavin

Never Send a Man to Write About Joni Mitchell
Bravo to Susan Whitall for her incisive and wry piece on Joni Mitchell ("Still Blue," November 7). She said more in one page, not only about Joni but the whole music industry and ourselves as an audience, than I can recall in way too long. All her criticisms were completely on target. It was as if so many things that we should have realized all along about this extraordinary artist's career were suddenly, succinctly, and unsentimentally clear. This is a job well done, and apparently it took a woman to do it.

Jorge Socarras
Coconut Grove

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