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Congratulations for having the courage to publicize a portion of the true story of the political corruption that existed in our community and that still exists ("The Haunting of Alex Daoud," October 10 and October 17). I certainly don't agree with everything Kirk Semple wrote about me, but at least an attempt was made to expose the truth about many of the guilty parties who evaded the penalties of prosecution because of my misplaced sense of loyalty -- a sense of loyalty that I now deeply regret. Unfortunately there is one glaring fault in "The Haunting of Alex Daoud." The flaw lies in the fact that the article only reveals a very small portion of the corruption that permeates Dade County.

The true revelations of how deep the political evils were and still are will be revealed in my book Miami Beach/Corrupted. What will be exposed is the name of that politician anonymously referred to in Semple's article -- the one who ran down two elderly pedestrians. The unanswered question of why your cable television bills are so expensive and who was responsible for the backdoor political deals that caused this will also be explained. My book will describe the violent acts of a group of police officers who formed a vigilante gang to fight against the endless wave of Mariel Cuban criminals that plagued our city. It will give an accurate accounting of the behind-the-scene dealings of local politics and how they were made to appear democratic. The endless stream of politicians who were doing illegal and unethical deals with me will be divulged. The unsavory influence of the labor unions on local political elections within our community will be uncovered. The numerous lawyers, lobbyists, and businessmen who brazenly bribed me while I was in office -- and who are doing business as usual today -- will be unmasked. The secret organization of wealthy people that controls the political destiny of Miami will be named. My book will allow the reader to experience the horrible emotions of witnessing a Miami Beach police officer slowly dying in a filthy alley after being shot in the back by a recidivist Cuban criminal. The reader will once and for all learn the truth about the rise and fall of CenTrust, the second-largest bank failure in the history of the United States. The names of many so-called community leaders and their involvement in political vote selling will be unleashed. The true political maneuvering that surrounded the visit of Nelson Mandela to our community will finally be made public. The story will go on to tell of the terrible, emotional ordeal of fighting a criminal indictment of 41 counts, with the reality of being sentenced to ten years of incarceration in a federal penitentiary.

All of these real events will be revealed in my book, along with many other horrifying, genuine experiences from a life in Miami Beach politics. But in order to publish the truth, I need help. If there are any investors, publishers, editors, or public relations people who would like to be involved in revealing the truth by having my manuscript published, please write me care of New Times. Or if you would just like to communicate with me, I will personally answer each of you. The story is not over yet!

Alex Daoud

John Grisham, National Treasure
In reviewing The Chamber (October 17), Todd Anthony gives us an interesting option in the title of his review: "This Movie or the Death Penalty." I've got a better one: This movie or six months of Klan infiltration.

You forget, kind sir, that before John Grisham is a writer, he is a lawyer. He takes seriously the adage, "A lawyer who is only a lawyer is only half a lawyer." His books and movies serve at least two purposes: They give us models of quiet personal heroism (which have been sorely lacking for the past twenty years), and they teach us about a part of life that is normally hidden. His bag of work tools includes lawyering, writing, researching, teaching, snooping, and community activism. On the other hand, he's a lousy actor -- those fresh peachy cheeks give him away every time.

I don't know what the producer or director was up to. Unlike in A Time to Kill, they did not hide Grisham's purpose with Hollywood schmaltz. The Chamber gives an excellent synopsis of the organization of hate groups in Florida, Minnesota, D.C., and California, as well as Mississippi. The book and movie also remind us that Jewish Americans, along with African Americans, are in the cross hairs of hate groups. And it shows that workers for justice come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds. The characterizations of both the governor and his aide are perfect.

Mr. Anthony's confusion -- that Grisham is writing fiction -- is understandable. He's not. He merely changes names, dates, and locales. Try The Chamber again, not to be entertained but to learn.

Connie Lamka

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