The Stierheim Report

An old pro is recruited to undertake a very disagreeable mission: Dig into the stinking mess at Miami City Hall. Here's what he found.

What are the qualifications you are looking for in the next manager?
The commission more or less sets the qualifications but I think certainly public-sector experience, either as a manager or in a chief-executive role a minimum of five or ten years. A proven track record of judgment and integrity. Educational background is very important. Interpersonal skills, a good communicator. Someone who loves diversity; they don't have to necessarily be Hispanic or African American or a woman or a man or whatever, but someone who loves diversity and respects diversity -- it is critical. Someone the commission can trust and have faith in, who, when he or she says something, they can take it to the bank. Someone who can draw the line in the sand occasionally. [He raps on his desk twice] Someone who can say, "This is the administration's responsibility, this is my recommendation." Someone who can stand up and be counted, not rudely, not by sticking it in the face or anything, but that's what it takes. A good manager occasionally has to draw the line.

Were you the right man for the job?
I'll let the public and the commission make that decision.
What do you think?

I'm sure there is someone who could have done better and there's probably a lot who could have done worse. I gave it everything I had, and I have a lifetime of experience. Hopefully I'll be judged fairly. I am personally confident that I have done what I think I should have done, and what the mayor and the commission asked me to do.

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