A Youngster Gets Funky
It's tough to build a base for something when the word can't get out. But you tried, and it's amazing that George Clinton and the P-Funk All-Stars ("Calendar," October 3) brought out as many people as they did. Your newspaper brings a touch of taste to a city that can't seem to get all the facts. And it's nice to know there are fans of Clinton and P-Funk under the age of 30. I'm one of them.

Thanks for the excellent work.
Matt Weiner
South Miami

An Old Fart Speaks
Thanks to John Floyd for the kind words about our show ("Reverb," October 3). The audience was great. It was incredible that those young kids knew the words to our songs. A lot of them were only a little older than my own kids, who, by the way, think that their uncle (Eat guitarist/vocalist Michael O'Brien) and I are pathetic old farts. Thanks again for the encouraging words.

Eddie O'Brien
The Eat

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