In stark contrast to Javier is (12) Frederick Odio. The fourth brother came this close to a clean rap sheet. Not quite close enough, though; on August 18 of this year, the 42-year-old was arrested for battery. According to the incident report on file at the Metro-Dade Police Department, Frederick was at a South Dade Publix, verbally criticizing his wife (13) Alma for spending too much money when he "became angry and punched [Alma] in the mouth, causing a small laceration in [her] upper lip." That wasn't Fred's first encounter with the law, though. In 1981, his ex-wife (14) Cynthia Odio (a.k.a. Cynthia Robin Zalis Garcia) had Frederick ordered into custody to force him to pay $1620 in overdue child support. In 1984 she took him back to court to collect an overdue $7301.10. (The outcome of the second suit is not known.)

Like father, like son. One of Frederick and Cynthia's two children, (15) Fred Jr. (a.k.a. Freddie), was sued in 1993 by (16) Kim Marie Hutson for $31.27 per week in child support for their illegitimate daughter. (The outcome of that suit is not known.) Freddie was nineteen at the time the lawsuit was filed. He was eighteen in February 1992, when he was convicted of violating probation (for an unknown offense that isn't listed in the county's records) and carrying a concealed firearm (a felony).

Cesar's youngest brother (17) Jorge (a.k.a. George Carlos del Toro) seems to have stuck to the path blazed by brothers Javier and Rocky. In 1987, nine years after he was convicted of disorderly conduct, the Miami Herald reported that George had been arrested and charged with cocaine possession and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, having allegedly arranged an eight-kilo deal with a contact in Cleveland. Officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration nabbed George after they saw him "pass large sacks" from a source's car to the trunk of his silver 1983 Audi, which was parked in the lot of the city's Melreese Golf Course. George pleaded not guilty but was convicted of conspiracy to distribute cocaine and sentenced to five years in prison, with the stipulation that he serve at least six months.

In 1986 George separated from his wife, (18) Christine Louise Odio, after nearly five years of marriage. Christine petitioned the court for alimony and child support -- and a restraining order. A sympathetic Dade County judge forbade George's "harassing, assaulting, or beating" his wife. The couple has apparently reconciled; they now run a Subway sandwich shop in Minnesota.

Cesar's brothers aren't the only family members in the public eye. Some of his sisters have also made names for themselves. (19) Silvia Odio, second oldest of all the children, told the Warren Commission that "Leon Oswald" and two anti-Castro Cubans stopped by her Dallas apartment to brag that they were going to kill John F. Kennedy. Two months later the president was dead. She subsequently gave a much-needed boost to Oliver Stone's film career when, after seeing JFK. she told a reporter: "I thought the movie was great." "The assassination of Kennedy was discussed in my home in Dallas and Oswald was there," she added, "no matter what the Warren Commission says."

Cesar's sister (20) Annie Laurie Mallo (a.k.a. Annie Odio Mallo) is the treasurer of Amigos de Corpus Christi Church in Miami. If she loves her brother deeply it's understandable: Cesar once gave the Amigos $460 in city money from a discretionary fund despite rejecting similar requests from other churches on the grounds that "the City does not make donations to any church-related organizations."

Annie's husband collected much more than $460 from the city during Cesar's tenure as manager. (21) Nelson Mallo, a well-known architect and a member of Cesar's Miami Rowing Club, won a contract to oversee the $16 million renovation of the Orange Bowl. (His Coral Gables-based firm, Urban Architects, had turned in the low bid, and the city attorney ruled there was no conflict of interest.) More recently Mallo cashed in on a $96,500 contract for the design of Northwestern Estates, a low-income housing project in Liberty City funded with city money. (Javier Odio thoughtfully introduced the project's developers to the city administration.)

The couple's seventeen-year-old son completes a Mallo public-money trifecta. Erik Mallo worked for a month at a $5.50 per hour job in the Manuel Artime Theater on SW Eighth Street.

Last but not least, a space on the family tree must certainly be reserved for (23) Richard Sharpstein. Though not a blood relative, the 45-year-old Miami defense attorney has provided so much legal assistance to the Odios that he should be granted the status of honorary family member. Sharpstein represented Javier in the recent domestic violence and cocaine matters, George in his cocaine bust, Rocky in his latest drug bust, and Frederick in his child-support lawsuit.

In fact, by the time Cesar arrived in Sharpstein's office to challenge the corruption charges, the Odios were evidently running a tab: The attorney told reporters that he took Cesar's case without even asking about money.

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