Declared interim city manager Merrett Stierheim weeks after Odio's forced retirement: Miami may be as much as $68 million in debt. Declared Odio two days before the Justice Department charged him in the kickback conspiracy: "I am extremely proud of my seventeen years of public service."

Somewhat less proud of Cesar is (4) Julia I. Odio. Cesar's first wife divorced him in 1971, only to remarry him in 1978. She lost him again in 1981, when he left her. The couple raised three kids, the most distinguished of whom is (5) Cesar T. Odio. He is the head basketball coach at Barry University.

The ex-city manager's current wife is (6)Marian Prio Odio, a.k.a. Maria Antonieta Prio. She is the daughter of the aforementioned (7) Carlos Prio Socarras, who killed himself outside his Miami Beach home in 1977 at the age of 73. Among Prio's shenanigans while president of Cuba: He pardoned a wealthy Cuban businessman convicted of raping a nine-year-old girl, then appointed the man his civil secretary. A cranky young gadfly named Fidel Castro subsequently found deeds that revealed the businessman had transferred ownership of several estates to a corporation owned by Prio.

Carlos's brother (8) Antonio Prio Socarras also knew the taste of political intrigue: He was Cuba's treasury minister during the first year of his brother's rule. He might have been minister longer had it not been for pesky allegations that he stole between $37 million and $47 million in paper money that was earmarked for incineration. He died in Miami in 1990 at the age of 85.

The second-oldest of Amador Odio's five sons is Amador's namesake, (9) Amador Jr. To tell the two apart, Junior came to be known as Rocky. On some bad checks he was caught passing, Rocky also referred to himself as Luis Dabarganes, Luis Dobarganes, Amado Vina, and Alejo Odio.

Indeed, Rocky has compiled quite a rap sheet. Dade criminal court records show that he has been convicted on 25 felony counts of passing worthless checks (plus one misdemeanor count of same), nine counts of uttering a forged instrument, and two counts of forgery. Additionally, adjudication was withheld and credit granted for time served for a 1990 charge of cocaine possession, as it was on a 1976 charge of barbiturate sale and delivery. Rocky has twice been convicted of violating probation.

Convictions on seven of the forged-check counts came in 1978. That same year Rocky pleaded guilty to selling cocaine to undercover Miami cops in a 1976 deal that was initiated near Miami City Hall. According to court records, Rocky planned to sell the cop two kilos of uncut cocaine but, "because his brothers had let him down," sold only a half-gram from the stash of brother Javier. He told the officer to come back the next day for the major delivery, but the officer decided to arrest him and Javier immediately. In the paddy wagon after the bust, Rocky allegedly said "that if [the police] gave him and his brother a break, that he could really turn [them] on to some really heavy narcotic drugs -- pounds -- kilos." In 1990 Rocky pleaded no-contest after a police officer found a gram of cocaine in his jacket pocket. (More on Javier below.)

Rocky married (10) Lorraine Odette Odio (nee Lorraine O. Rubino) in September 1975. Lorraine was 18 at the time, Rocky had just turned 25. By the time Lorraine was 32, they had separated and she'd moved to Crossville, Tennessee, with their daughter. In a divorce petition filed in 1995, Lorraine accused Rocky of failing to pay child support or alimony since the separation. (It is not known whether the petition was successful.)

Rocky's sometime partner in crime, as already noted, was his brother (11) Javier (a.k.a. Xavier Albaro Odio). Although nine months younger than Rocky, Javier rivals his mentor in criminal accomplishments. Dade court records reveal several arrests and convictions for cocaine possession and sale. Charges of narcotics possession and contributing to the delinquency of a minor in 1971 were dismissed, and Javier was given credit for time served for a 1976 misdemeanor charge of passing a worthless check. He did pay a civil penalty assessed in 1994 when the registration expired on his boat.

Javier was on probation stemming from a ten-year sentence for drug possession when he and Rocky were nailed in '76 selling cocaine to the Miami cops. He pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit a felony and to possession and sale of a controlled substance. His one-year sentence was a legal formality; his probation was revoked. Upon his release from state prison, he didn't go back to drug peddling. Instead he found rewarding work assisting private developers eager to do business with the City of Miami. For a fee, Javier helped shepherd zoning variances or construction plans through the bureaucracy. His brother the city manager assisted his rehabilitation by granting him generous access to city employees and departments.

But alas, the lure of illicit activity was too strong. Last October a Miami Beach police officer spotted Javier's car weaving through a residential street at 4:45 a.m. According to the incident report, when Javier was pulled over he shouted at the officer: "Call my brother!" The officer noted a "white streak of powder substance just below Odio's nose." Convicted and sentenced September 24 for drug possession, Javier hasn't stayed off the police blotter. As the FBI closed in on Cesar last month, Javier graciously diverted press attention with his latest arrest, by Miami police, for domestic violence after his girlfriend called 911 to report a "husband-wife dispute."

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