The Verbal and the Profane

"So what do these guys talk about?"
"These two guys."

"A job. A robbery. A clandestine exchange of possession. An involuntary divestiture. Accelerated trickle-down microeconomics. One guy's planning a job, the other guy wants a piece of it."

"He wants in? On the other guy's job?"
"Of course he wants in. Everybody wants in. Some people are born in. Some people work their way in. Some people just force their way in. It's the American fucking way."

"What do they steal?"
"They don't steal anything. They just talk about it."
"What do they talk about stealing?"
"Rare coins. Indian head pennies. Morgan silver dollars. Buffalo nickels."

"Pennies and nickels? Two guys talk about pulling a job for pennies and nickels?"

"American buffalo nickels."
"A nickel. Five fucking cents. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is all an American buffalo is worth."

"Depends. Some people, educated people, nickel connoisseurs, numismatists -- they see an American buffalo nickel, they see a rare thing. A special thing. A valuable thing. A work of art. To them, it's worth more than other nickels. It's worth hundreds, maybe thousands of more common nickels. Other people, they see this funny-looking nickel, they aren't even sure it is a nickel, because it doesn't look like all the other nickels they're used to. It's different, but it doesn't affect them. Could be worthless, could be precious. They'd just as soon have a regular nickel. It's all in how you look at it."

American Buffalo.
Written by David Mamet; directed by Michael Corrente; with Dustin Hoffman, Dennis Franz, and Sean Nelson.

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