It's All Downhill from Here

Amazing things can happen when you bring together a vessel, a vehicle, and one very slippery boat ramp

But here's the problem: The water-sports center will be designed for sailing craft, as well as kayaks and canoes. To Jack Luft it makes no sense to rebuild a ramp for motorboats when the water around it will be full of slow-moving vessels. He has gotten so many calls about the unsafe ramp, however, that he becomes quite annoyed when questioned about it. "That's a multimillion-dollar property. We're going to have regattas, training programs. Why would people want to launch their [powerboats] there?"

In the meantime, boaters such as Robert Gonzalez and his son Johnny head down to the ramp in their Jeep Cherokee to launch their fishing boat. They are experienced enough to steer clear of the most treacherous part of the slope. And it's a good thing. No sign warns of the danger.

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