Rapist with a Badge?

A caller to emergency 911 says she was sexually assaulted by two Metro-Dade police officers

The 911 call was answered this past August 7 at 4:44 a.m. According to a tape recording of the call provided by the Metro-Dade Police Department, this is how the conversation began:

Operator: County police and fire.
Caller: Hello?
Operator: Police.
Caller: Yes. I'd like to report -- um -- I'd like to report a rape, I guess.
Operator: You guess?
Caller: Yeah.
Operator: Where'd it happen?
Caller: At -- what park is it? Olinda Park.
Operator: Where are you now?

Caller: I was coming home and I got pulled over by two police officers and they had sex with me.

Operator: Two police officers from where?
Caller: From Metro-Dade.
Operator: How long ago was this?
Caller: About 30 minutes ago.
Operator: Where did this happen?
Caller: At Olinda Park.
Operator: Olinda Park. Where are you now, sir -- ma'am?
Caller: I'm home.
Operator: What's the address?
Caller: [Address deleted from recording by police.]
Operator: Did you get an ID on them?

Caller: No. [The caller then disclosed what she believed to be the surname of one of the officers.]

Operator: Were they black or white?
Caller: Black.
Operator: Both of them?
Caller: Yes.
Operator: Did they have different cars or were they in one car?
Caller: They were together.
Operator: In one car?
Caller: Yes.
Operator: And this happened 30 minutes ago?
Caller: About 30 minutes ago.
Operator: At Olinda Park?
Caller: Yes.
Operator: Were you walking?
Caller: No. I was driving. They stopped -- they pulled me over.

Metro-Dade Police officials have not released the name of the female caller, who spoke in a subdued voice that is sometimes barely audible on the tape recording. After providing information regarding her vehicle (a rental car), the caller continued with a more detailed description of the incident, which she said began on NW Fourteenth Avenue near 65th Street:

Operator: Okay. Now what did they [inaudible] when they stopped you?
Caller: He -- um -- he asked me for my license and registration and whatever. And I gave him all the information that he gave me -- he asked me for -- and then he told me to step out of the car. I had to use my [inaudible] to step out of the car and the lights were still on.

Operator: Uh huh.
Caller: And I stepped out of the car and everything and he went back to his car and he talked to his friend -- whatever. Then like a couple of minutes later he told me to come -- he told me to get into the car.

Operator: Into whose car?
Caller: Into the police car. I'm like, listen -- because the car isn't in my name or anything and I explained all that to him, that I am home on leave, that I'm in the military.

Operator: You're in the military?
Caller: Yes. I explained all that to him, that I'm home on emergency leave or whatever. He told me to step into the car. And they left my car right there, the lights and everything still on, and they drove off. At this time I wasn't at the park.

Operator: But you were in the police car?
Caller: Yes.
Operator: And this happened in the police car, then?
Caller: They took me to the park.
Operator: They took you to the park.
Caller: Yes, it's like a walking trail.

The caller apparently was confused regarding her whereabouts. According to a police incident report prepared later, the alleged assault did not take place at Olinda Park but at Arcola Lake Park, 1301 NW 83rd St. Arcola does have a walking trail and many trees; Olinda does not. The call continued:

Operator: Okay.
Caller: It's not very many people there [inaudible]. There were like a couple of people walking, but they didn't see me.

Operator: And you didn't scream or anything?
Caller: They're like way on the other side of the park [inaudible]. The trail is like real open, and by the time they got back around where I was --

Operator: You mean everybody got out of the police car and you walked down on the trail?

Caller: They got out of the police -- we all got out of the police car. Right there. They did it right there. They parked the police car like right next to the trees, right there.

Operator: Okay. And this happened 30 minutes ago?
Caller: Yeah.
Operator: And what happened afterwards? They took you back to your car?
Caller: No, they left and I walked back to the car. And I drove [inaudible].
Operator: And you didn't scream or anything?
Caller: There was nobody to scream to.
Operator: You said there were people walking around.

Caller: By the time they finished they -- they were way on the other side. I just got in my car and came home.

Operator: All right, do you -- uh -- you just got home now?
Caller: Yeah, I just got home.
Operator: Okay, you didn't wash yet?
Caller: No.
Operator: Don't wash and don't take any showers.
Caller: Okay.
Operator: You understand?
Caller: Yes.
Operator: Okay, I'm going to send somebody over to talk to you.
Caller: Okay.
Operator: But you understand what I am saying?
Caller: Yes.

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