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Two weeks after the crash, Lemlich, Trev, and Hosker finally sat down and made the Hivebuzzers a reality. (The name plays off a line in bluesman Slim Harpo's song "I'm a King Bee," which was covered by the Rolling Stones on their first album.) To complete the band, the three were able to borrow the people they'd discussed at Churchill's: bassist Chuck Carvajal of Drive Choir, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa's drummer Tim Vaughn, and Derek Lehman, who plays guitar in the Pop Skulls but brings his vintage Vox Continental organ to the combo.

For now, the band's playlist includes a set of eight covers pulled from 1966. "That was the best year for garage-band music. That was the year that Americans took control of the wonderful gift the British gave them," Lemlich explains. Songs include the Animals' "Blue Blue Feeling" (they'll be doing a version of the song recorded by South Florida garage band Dr. T and the Undertakers) and "You Can't Make Me" by the Montells, a Southwest High School-based band that Lemlich idolized when he was a kid. To complete the night's Sixties theme, Lemlich has put together a videotape of trash-culture clips, B-movie trailers, and performances by bands such as the Standells, the Castaways, the Seeds, the 13th Floor Elevators, the Yardbirds, and the Animals.

In preparation for the gig, Lemlich called on another of his childhood idols, John Doyle, who was lead singer of the Southwest High band Evil, for advice on how to scream. "He said, 'I was sixteen then. I don't think I could scream like that now,'" Lemlich relates.

Of course, if the beauty of garage music lies in the primal rage and frustration that only teenage hormones can summon, how will a band of adults fare? "To answer that question, I don't see anybody that's sixteen or seventeen picking up the ball and running with it," Lemlich replies. "I would love that. That's what I want most of all, for this music to be played in high schools. In my book, I talk about the next generation. It's their turn to rebel. It's their turn to rehearse. But I don't see them taking the ball and running with it. Nobody's doing this here. And if nobody's going to do it, I gotta do it."

The Hivebuzzers perform Friday, August 30, at Churchill's Hideaway, 5501 NE 2nd Ave, 757-1807, with Drug Czars, Fay Wray, Pop Skulls, and the Karloffs. Showtime is 9:00. Admission is $3.

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