There is something else, as well. The cover of this particular issue contained this headline: "On Ocean Drive, Jen finds bad food, worse 'tude." This contradicts Ms. Karetnick's own words; she found dishes "delicious." And judging from her description of her argument with the manager, apparently this gentleman is proud of his work and his chef's cuisine -- quite a commendable attitude!

I look forward to reading professional reviews on the pages of New Times newspaper.

Adeline Tankousheva
Miami Beach

C'mon, Tell Us What You Really Think
You people are disgusting and pathetic. I see where there is an ad running in search of writers. Well, I have a friend who about a year ago applied for a writing position with New Times, but you turned him down. He said you don't even hire anyone new, even though you always advertise for them. I believe him. One look at the staff box each week bears this out.

He has since gone on to be hired by the Atlanta Constitution to work in its southeastern bureau, and has also been published as a contributor to The New Yorker. You people wouldn't recognize great talent if it bit you on your fucking asses (or any other part of your anatomies), and I am sure talent doesn't often pay you a visit. That's quite obvious from your pages. No wonder you need fresh new writers. The ones you've got suck so badly that every issue that comes out is so predictable. "Who are we going to skewer, screw, or stick it to this week?" You morons must have a dart board in your quarters on which are the names of all the potential subjects of your muckraking bombast, and each week you throw a dart to see whose turn it will be to be in the firing line of your unspectacular journalism.

You guys have gotten so predictable in your standards and content that friends and colleagues I've heard from all agree: New Times is living on borrowed time. It's only a matter of time before you get your asses sued for libel, a judgment is won against you, and you're hauled into bankruptcy court, and/or your readers tire of your perpetually boring rag sheet and turn their backs on you.

About the only good use of your paper I find any more is when I stock up on several copies each week for the liner of my birdcage. My birds put it to a better use than I could ever give it. Lucky for them, they don't have to read it, either.

Name Withheld by Request

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