Community after community is pulling out of Dade. Each has been allowed to create its own boundaries, excluding minorities and those less affluent. Instead of stopping it until there is a plan, the commission allows it to continue while discussing all sorts of negative possibilities.

Alan W. Rigerman

Curry Favor with the Herald? Preposterous!
Jim DeFede's "As Nasty as They Can Possibly Be" was informative, but many obvious aspects regarding the vote to reduce the county gas tax and the vote in favor of a new arena were overlooked.

Can't you see the benefit of less gas-tax money? Fewer new roads will be constructed, which means fewer traffic tie-ups all over Dade County and millions fewer gallons of gasoline being burned up. Now you can see clearly, can't you? It is a blessing.

About the vote on the arena, could it be that some commissioners voted the way they did because election time is upon us? And perhaps -- just perhaps -- some elected officials felt they might be endorsed by the local daily paper if they voted properly? Nah, who would do that?

Ronald C. Rickey
Miami Beach

Feeling Good About Carl
Thanks to Todd Anthony's review of Striptease ("Skin Diving," July 4), I don't have to see the movie. His critique of Carl Hiaasen's monumental masterpiece was very perceptive.

Burt Reynolds, playing the kinky congressman, fits the profile for the part. Demi Moore also lends heartfelt credibility to the dollar-hungry life of a typical lounge dancer.

I feel good knowing that Carl Hiaasen's versatile talents as a writer have made him rich and famous.

Robert Stewart Denchfield
Miami Beach

Harvey's Gentle Reproach
Once again New Times's so-called restaurant critic, Jen Kvetchnick (kvetch for being a pain in the ass) got it all wrong. Her overblown, wordy review of one of the great eateries in South Florida, South Pointe Seafood House ("Ever on Sunday," June 20), proved once again that New Times should bring back the vapid beast, Rafael Navarro, to review fine restaurants, and have Karetnick review Burger King, McDonald's, and Wendy's. She's suited for them.

While Sunday brunch at South Pointe is great, so are its lunches, dinners, and a new pub menu.

Unlike Karetnick, a friend and I watched a Florida Panther playoff game in the new pub area, and the place was packed with eaters and watchers. When did she go -- on a Tuesday night when NFL highlights of the 1981 season were being replayed for the 100th time?

While Karetnick complained about the light turnout of patrons, the fact is that South Pointe Seafood House invariably beats its numbers of a year ago in a big way. Too bad she didn't speak with the owners about that, or their plans to expand the outside dining area and bar.

Karetnick is an effete snob and egomaniac who rarely takes the time to find out the real facts about things. Like Ronald Reagan, she's simply style over substance. Bring back the vapid beast and send Karetnick to fast-food heaven.

Harvey Slavin

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