Ours is a true heroes' tale about a very proud and courageous group of people -- my neighbors. It's a tale that begs to be told to, and emulated by, the world. Although I currently happen to be the focus of events, I am only one of the many heroes.

God bless New Times and Mr. Martinez for giving me a chance to speak out.
Robert M. Holley, Jr.

Todd Anthony's brilliant demolition of Eraser was spot on ("Delete When Necessary," June 27). I might add that those who deign to bestow the title "actor" on Conan the Culture Criminal insult the dedicated and often talented folk who work for years to master this great craft. It would be laughable if he didn't hold sway over so many.

And there's the rub. Obviously we have enough knuckleheads buying into this mediocre swill to keep the Teutonic gravy train rolling for a long time to come. That's scary.

Nicodemus Hammil
Miami Beach

When is Sean Rowe going to do a follow-up article on his buddy Ron McManmon ("Shark Bait," April 18), who apparently has mysteriously disappeared into celluloid oblivion. My guess is, if Ron's ex-partners were to actually do a shark rodeo, they would probably use Ron as bait -- that is, if anyone can find him.

So, Sean, how about some real investigative reporting? Three possible leads come to mind: (a) Ron ran away to join an order of Buddhist monks in Tibet, (b) he joined up with his old Special Forces unit deep undercover in Laos, or (c) he attempted the 100-foot free dive in search of the $100 bill and never returned.

Kent Bonde
Miami Shores

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