In a country that provides constitutional protection to the press, citizens should expect and demand that all reportage, especially that which is highly critical of other people, be based on solid research. Journalists should be prepared to have their work scrutinized with the same intensity they bring to their story subjects. Ann Bardach and I are no exceptions.

Rosemary's Baby
As a weekly reader of New Times, I wish to commend you on your publication. The June 13 issue, with Jim DeFede's column about Radio Marti and Jorge Mas Canosa (boo!) and Robert Andrew Powell's cover story "From Knight Manor to Nightmare" about Miller Dawkins (boo!), was an excellent example of the fairness and thoroughness of your writers.

Another good feature, and one I wish the New York Times, the Miami Herald, and other big-city newspapers would emulate, is the reader-friendly practice of continuing articles on consecutive pages rather than scattered throughout.

Keep up the good work! With only one major paper in Miami, we need the input of New Times.

Rosemary B. Rappoport

In last week's issue, an article titled "Hour Town" contained two errors. Owing to conflicting information provided by the Miami Beach Police Department, three of four victims of a June 8 shooting incident were inaccurately reported to have been standing outside the Cameo Theatre in Miami Beach. The incident actually took place near the intersection of Fourteenth Street and Washington Avenue, about a block south of the Cameo. The age of the suspected shooter was also incorrect. He will turn 21 in October. New Times regrets the errors.

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