Gary A. Bremen

Pookie Power
John Floyd rips up the WVUM-FM morning shows ("Reverb," April 11), which are nutty and play the theme from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. But has he listened to the Monday and Friday WVUM morning shows with John Pookie? He'll find his precious Pavement and Superchunk there -- as well as some other happenin' stuff. And yes, he may hear groups or people who are hip on other stations, but he won't hear their big singles. On WVUM he will hear the other snazzy tunes from the albums that aren't being played all across the Earth.

And mind you, there are other shows on WVUM that do this as well, such as I Like Mondays from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. (on Monday A neat, huh?). Try it out. And yes, John Pookie does have mindless banter every once in awhile. But at least it is alternative banter.

Clint Koltveit

More Jailhouse Rumblings
After reading Jim DeFede's March 21 article "Jailhouse Rumble," I was totally confused. It seems that Mr. DeFede gave credence to Charles Felton's impeccable credentials by stating that he is "a leader with no one to lead." In view of this fact, it stands to reason that he should be the man to serve as director of Dade's Corrections and Rehabilitation Department.

It's a disgrace that we have public officials who seemingly cannot make a distinction between right and wrong. We who can must demand a stop to the blatant misuse of power exercised by many public officials. Clearly it is not Mr. Felton's position that should be in limbo.

Theresa Harris
North Miami

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