Future Imperfect

Cooperation does seem to be the Cinematheque's style. Film programming will be suspended during the eleventh annual International Hispanic Theatre Festival, scheduled from May 30 through June 16. Companies and artists from seven countries A the United States, Spain, Costa Rica, Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and a Portuguese-speaking troupe from Brazil A will participate in the eighteen-day cultural extravaganza that celebrates dance and theater for adults and children. Along with events at the Coral Gables venue, performances, workshops, and postperformance forums will take place at the Miami-Dade Community College Wolfson Campus downtown and at the Manuel Artime Performing Arts Center in Little Havana. And a daylong conference on Hispanic women in theater will be held on June 8 at the Wolfson Campus; it will feature scholars, writers, and directors, including acclaimed playwright Maria Irene Fornes.

Since the demise of the Festival Latino sponsored by the late Joseph Papp and the New York Shakespeare Festival (it ran from 1984 until Papp's death in 1991), IHTF remains the only full-scale international gathering of Hispanic theater artists in the United States. Extensively programmed with a mix of offerings A vintage Hispanic authors Pablo Neruda and Frederico Garcia Lorca, contemporary Hispanic choreographers Giovanni Luquini and Paulo Manso de Sousa A this year's lineup seems as diverse as that of past festivals. Yet Sanchez laments the funding cutbacks that have forced him to program events cautiously. "We tried not to cut down on artistic quality," Sanchez notes, "but we've also had to be very, very careful this year because of the funding situation not only in the United States but elsewhere. We just cannot overspend. So if a company calls that's a very good company and I've seen them and there are seventeen members in the company, I have had to say no to them no matter how good they are [because the expense of bringing such a large troupe here and producing their work is prohibitive]." For further information on the festival, see "Calendar Listings" or call Teatro Avante at 445-8877.

On tap for the weekend of May 31 through June 2 is another fest, this one spotlighting local performing and visual artists. Once a month for the last eight months, twelve South Florida artists (including spoken-word performer Mark Holt, choreographer Carolina Garcia, poet Adrian Castro, and sculptor Carolina Sardi) met in a workshop setting and offered each other feedback on an array of works in progress. The result of this exchange is a showcase of new pieces for the second annual Here & Now Festival.

Festival presenters Miami Light Project and South Florida Art Center provided each artist with a stipend to participate in the workshops, with the intention that the artists create work expressly for the festival. "It's an opportunity for the South Florida Art Center and Miami Light Project to locate new local talent," points out Light Project executive producer Janine Gross, "and to, literally, give South Florida artists the time and the space to develop artistically and professionally while being paid." See "Calendar Listings" for further information or call 531-3747.

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