Love and Cuba

Jorge Mas Canosa says a Miami woman tried to smear his reputation and extort millions from him. She says he is the father of her child. Both have sworn they are telling the truth.

From Jorge Mas Canosa's deposition:
Melvin: In your office, sir, as a matter of routine, you maintain a diary to record your future appointments, things of that type. Do you not?

Mas: No, I do not, sir.
Melvin: Are you not a busy man?
Mas: Yes, sir.

Melvin: Business-wise, politically and socially. And you don't keep any written record somewhere of places you need to be and appointments you need to keep?

Mas: Yes, I am a busy man, sir.
Melvin: But no, you do not keep any written records of the appointments you need to keep?

Mas: I do not keep a written record,
sir . . . No notes, no records, sir.
In subsequent court proceedings, Mas has stated that his new secretary routinely shreds his travel records for "security reasons." When asked to elaborate, Mas explained that he fears that the records will fall into the hands of Fidel Castro. "I'm an opponent of that criminal," he noted proudly. "He is capable of doing anything against his opposition."

From Beatrice's deposition:
Kutner: Okay, April tenth is the first entry for 1985. Okay. What does that entry say? [He points to an entry with the initials GM.] Does it mean sex, lunch, a drink, a phone call?

Beatrice: It says, I think -- because I can't -- I think it says hotel.
Kutner: What hotel does it mean . . .? Did you see him at the hotel?
Beatrice: If that's what I put, that's what happened.
Kutner: What hotel?
Beatrice: Usually we met at the Ramada Inn that is by the airport.
Kutner: Okay, is that where you had sex?
Beatrice: Yes.
Kutner: Who registered for the room?
Beatrice: He did.
Kutner: Under what name?

Beatrice: I don't know. He would go to the hotel, register, call me with the room number, and I will go in after.

Beatrice explained that she and Mas saw each other sporadically throughout the spring and summer of 1985. Besides rendezvousing at the Ramada Inn, they would sometimes go to the Quality Inn in South Dade or the Eden Motel on SW Eighth Street. Their meetings were infrequent owing to Mas's busy schedule, she said. Mas was often out of town, but he would call when he got back to Miami. That is what happened on July 19, 1985, the day Beatrice claims she conceived Mas's alleged son Peter.

From Beatrice's deposition:
Kutner: So there's no confusion. Did you have the sexual protection that you used? What do you call that?

Beatrice: The diaphragm.
Kutner: The diaphragm . . . now why didn't you have the diaphragm on July 19?

Beatrice: Because I did not plan to see Mr. Mas. He called me up. He was upset because he had called my house the day before and Mr. Puig, David, answered the phone. My son [Adam] was ill, and he was there visiting Adam. . . . I never knew about the phone call until [Mas] called me and told me. . . . He was very mad. He was coming from a trip and he wanted to stop by the apartment.

I explained to him that my son was ill. He used to get very high fever. So his father was there visiting him, and [Mas] wanted -- he demanded to see me. I told him, "I can't see you, Adam is sick. I have to go home early." [He said], "I have to see you today." It was pouring down rain. I told him, "Look, I did not bring any protection."

[He said], "Don't worry about it. I will take care of it."
So I did go to see him. He did not take care of it. And I told him, "I told you I didn't have no protection." And he said, "I'm sorry, I couldn't help it." And I said, "Well, well, mark the date." And that's why the date is marked with a circle around it."

Just as Beatrice feared, a pregnancy test taken shortly after their encounter came back positive. "I had talked with [Mas], I had discussed this problem," she recalled during her deposition. "And of course, his same dealings as before prevailed. [He said], 'I would have no part of this. I can't afford the publicity. You know there's nothing I can offer you. There must be other ways, other options.' And I told him I would never have an abortion, especially of his child."

As Beatrice explained in her deposition, she decided to reconcile with her husband because she did not want to give birth out of wedlock. In the fall of 1985, she said, she sent Mas a poem, a copy of which she saved. It has become part of the court file.

I know that you can't love me any more, and it is almost understandable.
You left inside of me the seeds of our mutual love,
And it must die in you to let it grow in me.
Forever fused, your love and mine,
At last, together!
Inside one heart, inside one life!

Beatrice said she led her husband David to believe that Peter, who was born April 7, 1986, was his child. For the next nine years she would list David as the father on numerous official documents, including Peter's birth certificate, the emergency contact card filed with his school, his baptism certificate, and her multiple petitions for divorce.

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