The only other contingency to the deal is this: After he hands me the $1000 at 100 feet, I will bend over and let him kiss my ass, which will not only be photographed but videotaped by one of my professional cameramen.

In the future, before Mitch randomly makes accusations, I think he should do his homework. Sean Rowe did.

Mitchell, don't wimp out.
Ron McManmon
Performance Water Sports
South Beach

In Praise of Cousin Brucie
Bruce Matheson was totally, abysmally wrong in opposing the Lipton tennis stadium, but he is right about Crandon Park ("His Own Private Paradise," April 4). Look at the issues: He wants to preserve Bear Cut as a mangrove preserve. He wants to tear down those eyesore cages in Crandon Gardens and restore a petting zoo. He wants to block a Crandon Boulevard overpass, which was a bad idea for the Lipton tournament and is still a bad idea. He wants to constrain Sundays on the Bay, and what could be less parklike than a bar?

We Key Biscayners disagree with Cousin Brucie in his efforts to destroy Calusa Park and the Calusa Playhouse, but he is right about the rest of Crandon Park.

Paul DeLeeuw, M.D.
Key Biscayne

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