Dead Reckoning

Dead Man has far more in common with revisionist Westerns such as Little Big Man, Missouri Breaks, and McCabe & Mrs. Miller than it does with other more traditional (and commercial) examples of the genre like Silverado, Tombstone, and Geronimo. But Dead Man's style is pure Jim Jarmusch. From the tongue-in-cheek humor (Nobody's thoroughly modern reliance on the f-word) to the decision to shoot the film in black and white, from the loose, lyrical narrative construction to the hip casting (Iggy Pop as a cross-dressing trapper, Mitchum as the shotgun-wielding owner of Dickinson Metalworks, and a brief but memorable cameo by Butthole Surfer Gibby Haynes), this hallucinatory cross-country trip to the outer reaches of America could only have been organized by Jim Jarmusch.

What have you got to lose? Relax. Let Jarmusch work his mesmerizing magic. This Dead Man tells quite a tale.

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