Also Rowe's definition of shallow-water blackout is only partially correct in terms of the body's oxygen level falling to critically low levels during ascent. Shallow-water blackout, or latent hypoxia, is a result of hyperventilation, a breathing technique used by free divers that artificially lowers the normal level of carbon dioxide, lessening the urge to breathe and extending the diver's bottom time. Upon ascent, the partial pressure of carbon dioxide and oxygen is reduced as the diver rises in the water column. This may result in the diver becoming unconscious upon reaching the surface due to oxygen starvation in the tissues and the brain.

I can assure you that Rowe's article has not only raised some eyebrows in the local diving community, but it has also killed any credibility Ron McManmon might have had after he left Team Divers.

Kent Bonde
Miami Shores

Owing to a copyediting error, last week's art column incorrectly stated the year Jean-Bertrand Aristide was elected president of Haiti. The election was held in December 1990.

The image reproduced at left and featured on the cover of the April 18 issue was not properly credited to photographer Sergio Echeverria. New Times regrets the error.

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