That Killer Instinct

But Tinam and Kitty are destined to work opposite sides of the law. Kitty's violent tendencies get the better of her once again when a gangster first cuckolds and then accidentally kills Kitty's father. The grieving daughter retaliates by single-handedly storming the bad guy's office and spraying him and his henchmen full of lead. But she spares the only woman in the office, who just so happens to be Cindy (Kelly Yao), a trainer of fine young female assassins. As luck would have it, Cindy's previous top gun was -- you guessed it -- Princess!

And so it goes, the outrageousness of the plot twists and the hell-bent-for-leather pacing rivaled only by the unrestrained campy exuberance of the actors. Even the stunts go a step beyond -- these hit women quadruple-backflip at will, leap out of tall buildings with impunity, and traverse entire rooms in a single bound while delivering perfectly placed kicks to their opponents' heads. Most Hollywood action films come up with just enough good parts to fill a promotional trailer; the rest is dull exposition to pad out the running time to 90 minutes. Naked Killer reverses that formula, offering a delirious Harley ride through 90 minutes of nonstop sex and violence webbed together with minimal exposition.

Wong Ling's script dives into the pseudo-Freudian psychosexual fireworks that Joe Eszterhas-scripted teases like Jade and Showgirls only skirted. Ling shamelessly cribs from La Femme Nikita and Basic Instinct and even Death Wish, but his absurd, trashy, live-action cartoon pulses with a vitality all its own. Like his furious anti-heroines, the creator of this gratuitously sexy and violent Naked Killer offers no apologies. Faster Kitty! Thrill! Thrill!

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