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Until environmentalists start making real sacrifices themselves, they cannot expect those who are less well-off to pay much attention to them, regardless of their ethnicity.

John A. Gorman
North Miami

Of Bottom Feeders and Mud Slingers
Please be advised that I am married to Carol Mishelow (now Carol A. Sofia), daughter of Marion Mishelow, one of the five sisters involved in litigation regarding the case of the estate of Dora Pomeranc.

Elise Ackerman's article regarding the nuances of the case ("You Can't Take It With You," March 28) was ostensibly designed to offer a critique of the clubby probate courts in South Florida. However, it appears to me and to the rest of our family that the real purpose of the expose was to further the ends of Annette Birne and Rose Hodges and their attorney, Irving Yedwab.

The entire diatribe against Shirley and Martin Levinson was designed to smear their reputations and is an affront to the family they represent and who loves them. It appears clear that the party who put Elise Ackerman up to this abomination is Mr. Yedwab, who is frustrated by the unity of the rest of the family, a family that is well cognizant of the wishes of Dora and Jacob Pomeranc regarding the two sisters whose inheritance rights were diminished or eliminated.

In fact, the two elder Pomerancs had good reasons for disinheriting or reducing the amount of their estate that would go to the other women. That Ms. Ackerman took no time to research the feelings of the rest of the family (considering the attempt to affect the reputation of the two Levinsons) is a travesty of justice and an abuse of her position. From where I sit, it is a wonder that she can sleep at night, considering the lack of balance given to this project. Her lack of journalistic ethics is an insult to all those who carry on a journalism career with honor and ethical standards.

Moreover, the underlying pathology of the effort has been a failure as well. The living heirs of the Pomerancs (including the three children of Marion Mishelow, one of whom is my wife) are, if anything, more certain today that they wish to pursue this case to the complete affirmation of Dora and Jacob's opinion of the rest of the family.

As for Mr. Yedwab, an attorney generously described as a "bottom feeder," it is obvious that his contribution to the case consists solely of efforts to throw enough mud so that some of it will stick to the wall. In the end, he will be shown for what he is: a self-serving and pathetic excuse for a professional.

All of us look forward to meeting in court. In the end, we are sure that justice will prevail. And when the findings of fact are announced in this case, we hope that Elise Ackerman will be adult enough to print the retraction that will follow in a location that makes possible a similar amount of public notice as this smear piece has been accorded.

Michael A. Sofia
Las Vegas, Nevada

Not to Labor the Point
I read with pleasure Kathy Glasgow's article "United They Stand" (March 14) about the struggle of nursing-home workers for decent treatment and union representation.

It is just so difficult to get coverage in the Miami Herald, given the AFL-CIO union boycott of the paper. What little news of the nursing-home workers' efforts appears to be relegated to the business section, except for bitter Op-Ed columns attacking the union. So I welcome the deep background report on the efforts to bring representation to South Florida's thousands of nursing-home workers.

The emphasis on Monica Russo, [southern regional director of organizing for the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees], was proper, as was the focus on activists at the various nursing homes who are fighting for better conditions for themselves and nursing-home workers as a whole. Perhaps, though, some mention should be made of the hard-working organizers, several fluent in Creole and Spanish, who put in such long hours on what they feel is a crusade for justice. A campaign is teamwork. Let's remember the team along with the coach.

Milton Zatinsky

Morello: The Truth Will Out A Someday
Regarding "Justice Undone . . . Again" (February 15) by Jim DeFede, I started following this story four years ago when I was a journalist working in Miami. The taxpayers of Dade County may be the losers in this affair, but it isn't a dollars-and-cents issue at all. It is one of justice. In fact, this incident seems much more like something one would expect from Castro's Cuba.

As Americans, we should all want to see justice done. This was obviously not a frivolous lawsuit or one filed for profit. Why didn't a jury get to weigh the evidence no judge or jury was allowed to see? Very little has been written offering the other side of this. Andrew Morello was just a sixteen-year-old kid fighting to get his life together, not a criminal with a record.

Jim DeFede's article outlined the horrors of being abused by a system that stops at nothing to back its people, no matter what outrage they commit. Laura Russell's promotion to detective is a prime example of the system rewarding people who should be booted.

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