A Consensus of One

New York City-based Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco's Four Bicycles (There Is Always One Direction) is another highlight. An exercise in geometry and frustration, the piece fuses together four bikes in a delicately balanced configuration. All of the bikes' seats have been removed, with the frames then becoming a formal device, an immobile sculpture constructed from an assembly of unridable wheels.

The MoCA show contains many intriguing examples of Nineties art, but they are seldom displayed to particular advantage, nor do they come together to delineate much of anything. "Defining the Nineties" is not so much about identifying the artistic trends of a decade-in-progress as it is about the taste of a handful of weighty collectors and the ambitions of one curator.

Defining the Nineties: Consensus-making in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Through April 6. Museum of Contemporary Art, Joan Lehman Building, 770 NE 125th St, North Miami; 893-6211.

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