Insanity Claus

Da Bronx is a risk-taking album. Its variety and uncompromising, daring explorations support Kreamy's determination to avoid surrendering their artistic license to a major label. "To a large degree, someone putting money behind your music can usually lead to someone telling you how to do things," Price points out. "I like to be in control of the music. I want to keep the music growing in whatever direction we want and keep it really independent."

To that end, Kreamy 'Lectric Santa took to the road twice last year for self-financed jaunts through the Midwest and along the East Coast, and plans are in the works for another trek -- again at their own expense A this summer on the West Coast. The band also contributed an alternate version of "Who's Got Da Nu Amerikkka"/"Iconokrap" to the compact disc that accompanies the latest issue of Chemical Imbalance, a respected underground rock magazine based in Chattanooga. A new single is planned for this spring, also on Star Crunch.

If all of this activity suggests Kreamy 'Lectric Santa is eager to get their challenging music heard beyond the confines of South Florida's handful of punk clubs, Price nonetheless remains humble about perceptions people may have of his band. "Someone can take a look at us and think we're a bunch of fuckups, but we're only a bunch of real people who strongly believe in what they're doing," he states matter-of-factly. "It's really easy to look at the extremes of our music and take it all very literally, but really we're just as fucked up as everybody else.

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