This column, I hope, will allow me to expound on some of the things I feel passionate about regarding the city's musical offerings, whether those passions rank as yeas or nays. I wish I could say that the news and musings found here will be objective, but that would be a lie. Objectivity is a nice concept and all, but we each have our own ideas of what's good and what's bad, what should be mentioned and what should be forgotten, and those ideas won't always hold hands. Life's funny that way.

In my own anticipatory defense, however, it should be stated that I like a lot of different stuff. Come over to my apartment sometime and you'll find Man or Astro-Man? resting quite happily on the record shelf next to Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes; Guided by Voices next to Woody Guthrie; Frank Sinatra next to Sly and the Family Stone; Dexter Gordon next to the Gories. Meaning, if nothing else, that I like a whole lot of everything and a little bit of everything else. I'm neither an indie-rock obscurantist nor a champion of the ultra-professional musical outfits who spend their lives searching for a big-label recording contract. I have an amazing amount of patience when it comes to people fishing for new ways to say different things, yet next to no tolerance for those who do the same old shit in the same old ways and expect to be awarded some kind of newsprint ribbon for their ability to simply endure the hardships of the nightclub circuit.

Ideally, if something interesting is going on out there in this strange new place I call home, it will be covered here in a timely fashion that will make it both useful to readers and, God forbid, somewhat entertaining. However, be forewarned: As is the case with any columnist, my critical biases will no doubt work their way into this space. So if you feel like griping at me about this particular exclusion or that specific burst of caustic commentary, please feel free. After all, isn't that what friends are for?

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