Terms of Enragement

You say Art Moderne, we say Art Deco. Let's call the whole thing off!

Commenting on the Wolfsonian's alleged refusal to accept the MDPL's award, Wolfsonian president and director Peggy Loar says she never uttered the words Kinerk ascribes to her. "We gratefully acknowledged it," she recalls. But Loar, along with other administrators and the rehab architect, decided "as a matter of taste" not to install the Art Deco-style plaque on the faaade of the Mediterranean Revival-style structure. "They got very upset," the director remembers, when she inquired of the MDPL whether installation was a requirement for accepting the award.

Finally, both Loar and Kaplan explain that they chose not to list Art Deco Weekend in their inaugural brochure because the celebration doesn't relate to the exhibition, titled "The Arts of Reform and Persuasion 1885-1945."

Concludes Loar: "I find all this incredibly petty, especially compared to the enormous amount of work we have to do in South Beach. We want to be friends. We don't want this to go on. I'll take Michael out to lunch and talk about this! Anything! What does he want?"

The answer to that question is unclear: Matti Bower, co-chairwoman of Art Deco Weekend and a member of the MDPL's executive board, says she never saw Kinerk's letter and wasn't familiar with its contents, although she says "some people [at the MDPL] discussed it. I don't follow what [the Wolfsonian] does so much." The MDPL's executive director, George Neary, referred all inquiries about the letter to Kinerk, who could not be reached for comment.

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