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"Two Thumbs Up for Todd" A Flanders
Todd Anthony deserves the movie critic's equivalent of Hollywood's Oscar for his stunningly accurate review of Oliver Stone's new film Nixon ("Stone's Throw," January 4).

I saw the film with two friends who, like me, had also lived through the Nixon era. We, too, were electrified by Stone's brilliance in capturing the mood and the essence of the man, the times, and the country.

While relating my favorable impressions of the film to a friend the next morning, I made an allusion to another blockbuster movie, Patton. Imagine my surprise, while reading the New Times review later, to see that Todd Anthony used the same point of reference -- Patton -- while describing Anthony Hopkins's portrayal of Richard Nixon.

Run -- don't walk -- to catch this film. Anthony is right: The film and Hopkins's performance are breathtaking. Kudos to him for his review.

Robert A. Flanders

Here's Todd, There's the Banana, Whoops!
I thoroughly enjoy reading New Times each week. The editors and staff have good reason to be very proud of the high-quality product. Sometimes, though, even the best slip on the sensitivity banana.

I was very offended by Todd Anthony's brief description of the new movie Waiting to Exhale. The initial words -- "Four black chicks laugh, cry, and bond" -- are a backhanded, dismissive, and sexist way to describe what occurs in this wonderful movie.

I am not the only one who was shocked to see the movie so described. Please inform Mr. Anthony that, first of all, African American is the proper way to address my race, and secondly, the word chicks went out in the Seventies and doesn't need to be revived. Understood?

I look forward to more excellent journalism from the New Times staff, but please change that capsule to something more appropriate.

David S. Elliot
North Miami

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