Crime and Politics, Part 2

Two men come forward to say they saw a man dumping scads of the New Times issue that featured Ron Book. It was Ron Book.

Book, who owns a golden-brown Mercedes 500-SL, denies having thrown away the newspapers, and says he was not on Miami Beach on the morning of November 10. "I've really had enough of this whole thing," Book says disgustedly. He suggests that Mann and Methot are lying to try to collect the reward money. "They'd better be prepared to back up what they were saying," Book huffs.

They are.
This past week, at New Times's request, both Mann and Methot signed sworn affidavits asserting that they saw Ron Book dumping copies of New Times into trash bins. Both men swore under oath, knowing that if they were caught lying they could be prosecuted for felony charges of perjury.

New Times asked Book if he would be willing to swear under oath that he did not steal the newspapers. He refused. "All this is an episode that I've put behind me," he says. "I'm into 1996."

Copies of Mann's and Methot's sworn statements, as well as the theft report New Times filed in November with the Miami Beach Police Department, were forwarded last week to the Dade State Attorney's Office for review. To date, no charges have been filed against Book.

Special offer to readers: If you were unable to get a copy of the November 9 issue of New Times featuring Ron Book on the cover and would like one now, please contact us at 579-1574. We will be happy to mail you a copy of the story "Crime & Politics.

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