Cloud Nine

Perhaps the best thing about Smoke Screen is that it is richly interactive. Stepping into the path of the projectors, visitors can see their own shadows become part of the work, bobbing and weaving within the moving shapes on the wall. The more people in the room the better, because the shadowy suggestions of human forms give the work even more texture, as well as the surreal quality of a spectral cocktail party.

While Steinkamp's projected images are largely based on theories of contemporary abstraction, their formal presentation follows that of video artists of the Sixties and Seventies, who created ephemeral installations as a means of publicly displaying what was then a revolutionary electronic art form. A work that is at once metaphysical, playful, and innovative, Smoke Screen attests to the real possibility of making fine art with the tools of new technology.

Jennifer Steinkamp: Video Projection. Through January 20. Museum of Contemporary Art, 12340 NE 8th Ave, North Miami; 893-6211.

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