Unlike Mr. Slaughter, socialists realize that the social ills capitalist reforms are meant to address are the logical results of the capitalist system of wage labor. Racism, as we know it today, came about because "entrepreneurs" found a "creative solution" to the difficult problem of acquiring a cheap work force in order to conquer and colonize the newly discovered continent: They imported kidnapped Africans and bound them up into an oppressive system of colonial occupation and slavery. Four hundred years later, so-called postindustrial capitalism is having a hell of a time dealing with what mercantile capitalism begot. Worse yet, present-day capitalism feeds racism and a host of other social ills because it forces people into an environment of cutthroat competition for survival: impoverished worker against impoverished worker for fewer available jobs and welfare handouts; capitalist against worker for a larger share of the product of labor; capitalist against capitalist for greater access to dwindling markets and resources; nation against nation in a greedy and never-ending struggle for world markets and strategic one-upmanship.

Mr. Slaughter's indignation is misdirected and therefore wasted. If he and people like him used their appreciable intelligence, they would cry out against the indignities and injustices perpetrated by capitalists against the larger portion of humanity. They would set their fine minds and their strong hands to work at ending this insane profit system and building a sane social system based on cooperation and majority rule.

Chris Camacho

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