Since the Miami Herald endorsed Bower, and the political elite/power-broker cronies that run Miami Beach backed Bower, it is safe to say that the decision to put Bower on your cover is obviously strong political medicine, sort of like castor oil for a candidate's chances to win.

Therefore I strongly request that when Miami Beach Commissioner Neisen Kasdin either runs for re-election or for mayor, the political geniuses over at New Times feature him on your cover -- at least three or four times.

Harvey Slavin

Vote Early and Often
Kirk Semple's article "Mistaken Identity" about the recent Miami Beach elections was most perceptive. There is a way to have fair and equitable representation on the Miami Beach City Commission, while at the same time guaranteeing the least amount of bickering. The city should be divided into six districts A from First Street to 89th Street, where Miami Beach ends. Each district should hold its own individual primary election, selecting its two top vote-getters. Then those two should face one another in a citywide runoff election. Presto: Six commissioners, one representing each district. Simple, plain, no strings attached.

The mayor's seat would be the only position contested on a citywide basis in the primary. Fair enough!

Are the commissioners ready to treat their constituents properly? Are they ready to enter the Twentieth Century, let alone the Twenty-First? Perhaps we will have them thinking, and that would be commendable!

Ronald Rickey
Miami Beach

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