My second incident occurred when a friend was asked by an officer to please park his car out of a loading zone, which he promptly did. Instead of the officer leaving to fight real crime, however, he noticed that the car's tags were expired and began to arrest my friend, who informed the cop that the car was not even his. The officer agreed not to put him in jail. Jail for an expired tag! Maybe that's why the prisons are overcrowded. Did I mention that while all this was occurring I was witnessing a drug sale across the street? I guess small-time drug dealers don't provide as much revenue as car owners.

Incident number three: While waiting for a friend who had forgotten something in his apartment, I sat in my car, double-parked out front. Not a car in sight until a policeman approached in a van and told me to move the vehicle. I explained I was just waiting and would be gone in a second. He so eloquently replied, "Am I inconvenient? Move it now or I'll have it moved." Nothing like being harassed by an ignorant police officer on a power trip.

Now, either I have rotten luck or I have just gotten a dose of what the police are like in this city. Hey guys, I hear Mark Fuhrman is looking for work. I know where he'll fit right in.

Name withheld by request
Miami Beach

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