The Benetton Bodega

The autobiographical Memory Tricks dramatizes Gomez's relationship with her flamboyant mother, from her mother's heyday as a showgirl in a Spanish Harlem nightclub in the Sixties to her current sobering illness. Selected for the Festival of New Voices in 1992 by the New York Shakespeare Festival, the piece has been optioned as a feature film for PBS's American Playhouse. Tap into Gomez's memories on Friday and Saturday, December 8 and 9, at 8:00 at the Colony Theater, 1040 Lincoln Rd., Miami Beach. Books & Books (933 Lincoln Rd.) hosts a meet-the-artist reception after the Friday-night show. GYNA, Miami's lesbian health action group, throws a postperformance benefit at Kremlin, 727 Lincoln Rd., on Saturday. Call GYNA at 786-5700 for the party scoop; reach Miami Light Project at 531-3747 for ticket information.

Fasten your seat belts for a bumpy Bus Ride to Heaven when Mark Dendy brings his one-man/woman show to town at the end of this month. Presented by Acme Acting Company, Dendy's critically acclaimed theater piece gives us four different characters -- the transvestite prostitute Pawnie, Southern Baptist Mee-Maw, Italian-Jewish gay Adam, and televangelist Sandy Sheets. However, in a twist on the pandemic trend toward multiple characters in solo performances (Eric Bogosian, Sherry Glaser, John Leguizamo, et al.), Dendy's dramatic incarnations are dead A and filling out official questionnaires before boarding a bus bound for the pearly gates.

A veteran performance artist, actor, dancer, and choreographer, Dendy walks the line between perverse and poignant. Board the bus with him from December 28 through January 7 at the Colony Theater, Thursday through Saturday at 8:00 p.m. and Sunday at 7:00 p.m. An opening-night gala on December 29 includes a preshow reception and a postshow party hosted by Acme Acting Company; it benefits Cure AIDS Now-Meals on Wheels. Call Acme at 576-7500 for info.

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