Dollars to Doughnuts . . .

And auto repair, and the occasional nephew. . . An edifying look at Miami City Commission candidates' financial statements

"By means of this letter, I Manny (Boom Boom) Gonzalez, is mailing the latest bank statement from my campaign account. . . . Apparently Mr. Odio didn't allow me to comply with the dateline, since I was not allowed to enter City Hall to comply with law," he wrote, referring to the city manager's attempt have him banned from city hall after he allegedly threatened to blow Odio's head off.

Despite his scraps with Odio -- and his dead-last finish -- Gonzalez-Goenaga has not tempered his political ambitions. "I'm announcing that I am running for strong mayor of Dade County," he declares. "None of the county commissioners supported me in the city election, so now they are going to pay.

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